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Procrastination At It’s Finest

Awww..shit! Look at the last post’s date and this one! I’m still freaking procrastinating!

Anyhow…I was gonna blog about my pre-departure camps in this next post, but it’s been so long since then the excitement of it all has gone stale. But…it’s still blog-worthy events! Look for it in the next post! 😀

In this post, lets talk about more immediate matters. In about four weeks time, Insya-Allah I’ll be flying off to the UK to further my studies in Law. All I need is a passport and a visa. Pretty simple,right?

Yup! It’s simple! Very very. I don’t get it why a lot of my friends are complaining about it. In fact, it’s very enjoyable! Here are some pictures i took to show my love for visa-making and the whole bureaucratic process 🙂

Have I gone mad you say? Nooooo….It’s all due to how much fun I’m having!

Alright..alright. I better get back to finishing my visa application. Someone’s gonna get angry knowing I’m procrastinating like this. Heheh… :p


Back In Business!!

Everybody out there procrastinates from time to time. Heck, you might be procrastinating right now.

I’ve been procrastinating. Ah..damn it. I always procrastinate.

I promised i’d change. It shall start with this blog right here!

It’s been long overdue. I was supposed to start blogging a long time ago. Like, 2 months ago, i think?

I’ve got loads to blog about. Turning 20, my life is becoming much much more interesting. I used to have a journal. Before, I’d write my experiences in that. Still,it’d be a shame to let all my experiences rot in some dusty old tome. So,i’ve decided to blog. Owhh yeah!

With that random talk out of the way……



Get ready for all the crap you can handle, all the bullshit you can stomach, some sense from time to time, and all kinds of randomness mashed into one! Show some love and drop me a comment,aite?

When i get rich (i feel like i will), maybe i’ll give you all some monay,eh? Haha!

p/s : a big thanks to my special someone who helped and encouraged me to start blogging. She’s a big…no, a HUGE reason why i feel like blogging. Thank you for your time. Thank you for the tips! And thank you for walking this clueless guy through the whole process. In a way, this post is dedicated to you 🙂