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5th Month Cheesiness

What do you guys think of poetry?

I think it’s prissy, poncy, and an utter load of crap.

Now, what do you guys think of poetry in a RELATIONSHIP?

You know, dedicating your sweetheart with a poem to show your love & all that?

I STILL think it’s prissy, poncy, and an utter load of crap. HAHA! :p Except now there’s a chance you’ll get dumped if ur lady/man ain’t into all this sensitive shit. Heheh

But….i gotta admit, deep down inside. Sometimes. Just sometimes. Just rarely rarely sometimes.

I find poetry*cough*to be..*cough*very…*cough*sweet. Yes,*ahem*.

So, for our 5th month anni, I thought I’d dedicate my sweetie with a story. About poetry.

This story:

– Sees me attempting to be a poet when i’m clearly not one (the 2nd one’s mine)

– Is unashamedly rubbish. I know. Hehe

– Is entirely fiction, and has no connection to anyone living or dead.

– Makes it known that I can be a stalker if I want to. Haha! ;p


To….the boy  & To…..the girl

Once upon a time, Girl couldn’t get her mind off Boy. Girl had fallen in love with Boy, but the only thing Boy did was give her false hope. When Boy finally left her, Girl still couldn’t get her mind off Boy. She was heartbroken, yet still horribly in love. Not knowing what to do, she turned to the one thing that gave her solace; poetry.

to…The boy

this is dedicated to a guy i cant get my mind off.

help me get my mind off him please,
so i can sleep at night and be at ease,
i need to forget him and get him off my mind,
i need answers that i cant seem to find.

but the harder i try to forget,
the more i remember,
im filled with anger, pain and regret,
erasing the memories will take forever,

i need someone to save me,
someone who would grab my hand and set me free,
into a world of wonders and happiness,
but right now im stuck in a hole of darkness.

Do you know how hard it was for me to open up?
I eventually did and i got dumped,
Now my heart is slowly closing up again,
It hurts me so much that it drives me insane.

I cant believe i thought you were mr. right,
I cant believe i thought it was love at first sight,
I cant believe it was you who broke my heart,
When i loved and trusted you right from the start.

Love is such a strong word i hate to use,
Hate is stronger, and it makes me confused,
what you did to me was just wrong,
because the feelings i had for you was so strong.

One day, Guy, who was in love with Girl (but thought he had no chance because he knew of Girl‘s interest in Boy), found the poetry lying about. After reading it, he was touched to the point of tears, except he shed no tears because he was a Guy and was ashamed at doing so. Guy realised he’ll be making a fool out of himself, but wanting to comfort Girl, he sent her this:

To…the girl

this is dedicated to the girl that I truly love

those sleepless nights that you’ve been through
i’ll offer you help that’s long been due
giving you peace to start anew
with answers that’s been evading you

forgetting i know is hard and painful
resisting regret and anger’s pull
you’ll need some time for this endeavour
but with me it need not be forever

i’ve been waiting for you all along
watching you cry and being treated wrong
i’ll wait no longer, it’s time to act
from the darkness, i’ll bring you back

I’ll make you believe i am mr. right,
I’ll make you believe it is love at first sight,
I’ll make you believe i can mend your broken heart,
Even if you can’t love and trust me right from the start.

So take my hand and i’ll set you free
I’ll hold you close, right beside me
to a world of wonders and happiness you’ll see
i promise forever & always, it’s you and me

After reading the poetry, Girl laughed like she hadn’t for a long long time. She shed bucketloads of tears. Except this time, they were tears of happiness. And of course, because she found the poem to be absolutely ridiculous.

She would later get to know Guy, whom she’ll fall head over heels for. Boy would later get hit by a truck, owned by a movie production company aptly named, ”Eat Karma,bitch!’ Productions’. And so Guy and Girl lived happily ever after.

**The End**

Syira Mahmud, happy 5 months! 5 months might not seem so long, but it has been really wonderful being with you. And it still is. Heheh. Sorry I had to go away so soon, but I promise to make it up to you someday. And oh yes, I love you 🙂

A world of wonders and happiness. Haha!

A world of wonders and happiness. Haha!

p/s: For those of you who hate poetry, check this out! A poem, about hating poems! Haha! Click here


Retrospective ( Part 1:Malaysia,LiftOff! )

Sometimes, you’ll come to a stage of your life where everything changes

Some of these stages, though life-changing nonetheless, are pretty predictable. Going to boarding schools, living & supporting yourself, getting married, getting your first child, becoming grandparents, to name a few. The majority of us will experience these things (or maybe not. Do I have to quote my sources? Goddamn law teaching. Haha)

Some, only a handful will ever get the good fortune (or horror?) of experiencing. It’s these kinds of life-changing experiences that will truly test your character, and you shall emerge either broken, or stronger than ever after it.

Maybe I’m being a self-indulgent bastard by saying this, but in this year, 2008, I think I’ve gone through more life-changing experiences than my whole life before this. And I think I’ve had to mature and develop more in this year alone than ever in my life. Now that’s either saying this year is totally awesome (or shit) as I make it to be, or my life has been so damn boring up until now that even a relatively normal year like this seems so insane. Haha!

Right. Now that the obligatory opening bullshit is done with (heheh), lets rewind to the remarkable events of two-thousand-eight! Holla! 😀

24th JUNE, 5.20 a.m, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn: The sweetest ever ‘YES’

The night was not young. It was practically morning. Then she said “Yes“. Woohoo! And I was feeling of happiness of unprecedented levels. ‘Infinitely happy‘, was the word. Happiness that is lasting even until now. What the hell am I talking about? Seriously, I wish I could go into details, but that might become too nauseating, and Keep it Real does not write nauseating blogs, aite? (unless that someone gives me permission? umm…never mind :p heheh).

Suffice to say,the late night car rides, cruising the traffic-less roads, coloured by the orange lights; i miss them.

(Oh yeah, that was a VERY sweet ‘yes’, but there’s actually a sweeter ‘yes’ to be had. The truly sweetest. You all know what i’m talking about,right? Heheh)

The Oxford Fairytale: From Joke to reality

I still remember it. I was in Form 1, MRSM Kuala Klawang, Negeri Sembilan. I had just won an elocution competition at MRSM Muar. One of the spectators, someone I didn’t know, came to congratulate me. So we had a nice chat. Then the topic later came to studying. I told him where I was studying.

I asked him, ” Abang ni upper-form,eh?”

He said, “Taklah, abang dah kat Uni dah pun”

“Oh, Uni mane? UIA? UPM? University Malaya? Haha”

To which he replied, “Tak, University of Oxford

Later, my teachers & friends came to congratulate me, and the guy just suddenly left. Frankly, at that time, I didn’t give a shit. Oxford? Where’s dat? Somewhere overseas? I know there’s the Oxford Dictionary, but I’ve always thought he was a guy; a professor of some sort. So he has a university to his name too? Cool. But who cares.

Back at MRSM KK, I brought up the story with my teacher out of sheer boredom. She would later extoll & proclaim the various awesomeness of Oxford University. Holy crap. That place sounds gangsta! In my lower form years I always knew I was a bit of a brag. Proclaiming myself to strive for ‘Oxford University’ would be the claim till Form 3. Then Form 4 came and I discovered friendster. My poyo-ness went online, as can be seen under the college/university listings here.

But deep down inside, I knew it was all just a joke I’ll play around with until I finally reach Uni. Or maybe not.

Because then came KYUEM.

Here, the geniuses of Malaysia gathered. Students here went to Oxford every year like a ritual. Later, when the Oxbridge applications opened up, I thought it’d be cool to sign up. You know, try out this shit everyone’s been talking about, see how hard the interview really is. I would later make a rap song about getting into Oxford during teacher’s day.


Not the picture of THAT rap song. That was with Michelle. But nobody took pictures then, so these'll do :p

Being a lazy, class-skipping, homework procrastinating student however, I didn’t put much stock into it really happening. But apparently God had other plans. But even after getting the offer, with the kind of donkey-brained grades i’ve been getting after each trials, I wasn’t picturing myself getting there at all. But well, here I am. St Peters College, University of Oxford. Alhamdulillah, of course.

To think it all started from some dude I met in Form 1. Who knows? Maybe he was actually referring to Oxford Brookes (haha). But I never did ask. And it doesn’t really matter. I’m here. Somewhere millions of other people would love to be. Better not make a fool of myself, I guess.

The Parting

I didn’t think it was coming. The time after college was the best time of my life so far. But yeah…sooner or later, it had to end, and I had to go.

The Family – Being the only boy in the family, I guess my sisters all depended on me a lot (or maybe not :p they like to say i’m pretty useless. Haha). Who will help my mom with all the heavy chores? Who else is my Dad is gonna be gangsta with if not his only boy? And my little sisters, who’ll both be all grown up by the time I get back, but I won’t be there. Those two little ones always send me postcards here. Haha. I should be the one doing that! None of my family members would show it, but I know they’ll miss me (haha! perasan sial). And I’ll miss them. Fo sho. Stay strong my dear family, I’ll make you proud yet 🙂

Full Army Support!

The Homies – A guy is nothing without his pals, his bros, his homies. Some of them will stay in Malaysia, others will go to other universities. But no ones gonna come with me to Oxford. Sure, I can make new friends, but there’s nothing like the homies you know and love.

Master of Poyo

Topan: Master of Poyo

My Main Man

Naim: My Ruggedly Sophisticated Buddy

Together,Forever. HAHAHA

Nain & Mot : Together,Forever. HAHAHA

Plenty of other homies deserve mention here. Dj BigSmoke Muzzein Mullah, Hazman ‘Gaylord’ Sabri, Fitri ‘Pac’ Ismail, Johan ‘CambridgeBoy’ Safree, Wan ‘Basketball’, Mior ‘Playa’ Luqman, and Rashidah ‘Ede’ Abdul Hamid. Yes, Ede is my homie. HAHAHA!

The Sweetie – Yeah, we’ve always knew it was coming. But now, as I finally go long-distance with her, I still felt like I wasn’t prepared for it. But at the time of writing, it’s already been two months+ already. Maybe I’ll gradually get used to it. Perhaps not.

Hey! Hey! Smile? Please?

Hey! Hey! Smile? Please?

As the plane took off, I sunk into my seat, feeling slightly empty. Deep down inside however, a new sensation was slowly taking over. Excitement and anxiety mingled into one. My life, good or bad, would never be the same.

How about you all share your experiences before flying off? For those that flew off that is. Or perhaps the feelings you felt when these people left ( a thinly-disguised pathetic ploy to garner more comments. Haha! )

( Next up: Part 2, London,Touchdown! )