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Procrastination At It’s Finest

Awww..shit! Look at the last post’s date and this one! I’m still freaking procrastinating!

Anyhow…I was gonna blog about my pre-departure camps in this next post, but it’s been so long since then the excitement of it all has gone stale. But…it’s still blog-worthy events! Look for it in the next post! 😀

In this post, lets talk about more immediate matters. In about four weeks time, Insya-Allah I’ll be flying off to the UK to further my studies in Law. All I need is a passport and a visa. Pretty simple,right?

Yup! It’s simple! Very very. I don’t get it why a lot of my friends are complaining about it. In fact, it’s very enjoyable! Here are some pictures i took to show my love for visa-making and the whole bureaucratic process 🙂

Have I gone mad you say? Nooooo….It’s all due to how much fun I’m having!

Alright..alright. I better get back to finishing my visa application. Someone’s gonna get angry knowing I’m procrastinating like this. Heheh… :p